Daughter just graduated! Top of her class!

from retailer in CM, NY
August 5, 2010

I Like Hearts

Chesapeake, VA
from Sue in Chesapeake, VA
January 6, 2010

Just 'starting' out - my first wheel!

Rochester, MN
from Charmayne in Rochester, MN
April 27, 2009

I have 4 of the most precious Shih Tzus ever! I just recently found Storywheels and LOVE them. I need to include my wonderful husband as well! My life is dedicated to all of them!

Chandler, TX
from Jodi in Chandler, TX
September 16, 2008

I am a member of a group titled Ladybugs8. We are 8 women who meet monthly with a themed dinner party to discuss ways to build our financial lives,charitable lives, and social lives. We also have offshoots of our organization that sponsor our young men and ladies. We are Black Women on the rise..living loving and laughing our way thru the stars...with ladybugs as our good luck charm

Queens, NY
from ErieBug in Queens, NY
April 12, 2008